Toy Safety is Very Important to Us

Our Products have always been tested for safety and we have always used highly rated, independent testing laboratories. Our products meet or exceed all appropriate toy safety standards.

Serious 电子游戏官网 Safety

Toy safety is very important to us at Be Amazing! Toys.
电子游戏官网 Our products have always been tested for safety and we have always used highly rated, independent testing laboratories. Our products meet or exceed all appropriate toy safety standards.

The use of chemicals in our science kits requires extra caution when working with children. All chemicals have been tested and approved for age appropriate use, handling and disposal. Please carefully follow the directions in the kit or on the website for all chemicals.

It our goal to provide a fun, safe experience for children of all ages using Be Amazing! Toys products.

Have Fun Play Well.

Advice to Supervising Adults



We recommend that all science experiments in our kits be conducted under the supervision of a responsible adult who should read and follow the safety instructions included in the package, the safety rules and the first aid information.

Make sure to keep these items for future reference and to provide two medical professionals should you find it necessary to obtain their services.

电子游戏官网The incorrect use of chemical can cause injury and damage to health. Adults should exercise discretion as to which experiments are suitable and safe for the children during the experiments. The instructions should enable supervisors to access any experiment to establish it’s suitability for a particular child.

电子游戏官网The supervising adult should discuss the warning and safety information with the child before beginning any experiment. The area for doing these activities should be clear of any obstructions and the contents of the activity should be kept away from food or food storage. The work space should be well-lit, ventilated and close to water supply.

Links To Safety Agencies

We at Be Amazing! Toys ensure that all our toys and science kits meet or exceed  the requirements for safety as set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.   To learn more about toy safety laws, please visit the following websites:
  • Find a summary of the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act at:
  • Read the full text of the 2008 law federal governing consumer product safety, including toy safety at the  Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act website:
  • Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website:
  • Find your nearest poison control center at the American Association of Poison Control Centers website:
Lab Safety Guarantee
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电子游戏官网Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your support of Be Amazing! Toys’ products. We appreciate your interest and concern for toy safety. We take toy safety very seriously and the safety and quality of our products are of primary importance to us. We are very proud of the fact that we have never had a safety incident or product recall.

We want to assure you that Be Amazing! Toys’ products are safe for children. We have our products tested regularly by third party, independent safety testing labs. The two labs we use most often are Bureau Veritas and STR (Specialized Technology Resources, Inc.). Our products are subject to testing for all applicable safety standard sand laws, including those for lead, phthalates and heavy metals. Our toys meet the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Our products meet the requirements of the new CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Information Act) which was signed into law in August of 2008. Both of these testing labs are certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Be Amazing! Toys is also concerned with the safety and well being of our factory workers. For this reason, Be Amazing! Toys is a participant in the ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries) program to promote ethical treatment of factory employees and our factories strictly adhere to the standards adopted by ICTI. Because many of our products are science kits, we always stress safety and appropriate use of the activities and components in our kits. Our kits are marked with the appropriate warning labels for Small Parts and Chemicals. Our instructions contain additional safety information about the chemicals used in the kits and even more detailed information can be found in the Science Smarts section of our website,

Should you have any specific concerns or questions, please contact Marc Greenberg at

电子游戏官网 Renee Whitney

VP Sales and Marketing

Download Safety Information

To download information about the chemicals used in a kit and information about the safety of each chemical, double-click on the scientific name of the chemical, highlighted in orange in the list below. A PDF page about the chemical will open automatically which you can print for your information.

Fun Science KitsComponentsDownload Safety Information
Yuck!Slime Activator, Slime Goo, Snot Activator, Snot Goo,
Water Gel™, Jelly Crystals, Nutrient Gelatin.
Download PDF
Lab Of LuxurySodium Laurel Sulfate, Peppermint Essential Oil, Clear Soap,
Citric Acid, Lanthanol LAL Powder, Sea Salt, Epsom Salt.
Download PDF
Ooze!Colored Snow Powder, Water Gel™ , Bouncing Ball Powder, Round Jelly Beads,
Ooze Goo, Ooze Activator, Colored & Clear Giant Crystals.
Download PDF
Stormy WeatherBe Amazing Snow ®, Water Gel™ , Jelly Crystals, Pearl Swirl, Baking Soda.Download PDF
Blizzard In a BucketBe Amazing Snow ®Download PDF
Big Bag Of ScienceBe Amazing Snow ®, Water Gel™, Gravity Goo Powder, Garble Marbles,
Fake Ice, Jelly Crystals, True Color Tablets, Quicksand, Worm Goo,
Worm Activator, Slime Goo, Slime Activator, PTC Paper
Download PDF
LAB-IN-A-BAG™ComponentsDownload Safety Information
Magic Crystal
Crystal SolutionDOWNLOAD PDF
Test Tube
Be Amazing Snow®, Water Gel™ , Jelly Crystals, Magic Sand, Energy Beads

Test Tube Adventures Worm Goo, Worm Activator, Jelly Crystals, Touchable Bubbles,
Disappearing Ink, Bouncing Ball Powder.
Shaker SlimeSlime Activator, Slime GooDOWNLOAD PDF
Blast Of Colors
Jelly Crystals, Garbled Marbles, Be Amazing Snow ®DOWNLOAD PDF
Rock of AgesFossil PowderDOWNLOAD PDF
Glow Chemistry Slime Activator, Worm Activator, Atomic Worm Goo, Atomic Slime.DOWNLOAD PDF
Gravity GooClear Spheres, Pearl Swirl, Gravity Goo
Powder, True Color
Science Detective Glow In The
Dark Powder
Test Tube
True Color Tablets, Gravity Goo Powder, Garbled Marbles, Fake Ice, DOWNLOAD PDF
Come to
Your Senses
Science Behind… MagicClear Spheres, Water Gel, True Color TabletsDOWNLOAD PDF
Smarty Pants ScienceBe Amazing Snow® Powder, Super Absorbent Crystals, Mystery Marbles.DOWNLOAD PDF
COOL SCIENCEComponentsDownload Safety Information
FX SnowBe Amazing Snow®DOWNLOAD PDF
Insta-Worms™Worm Activator, Worm Goo.DOWNLOAD PDF
Shaker SlimeSlime Activator, Slime GooDOWNLOAD PDF
Jiggly Jewels™
Jiggly Jewels™DOWNLOAD PDF
Grow PetsGrowing Gel
Animals, Clear Spheres.
Living Putty Magnetic PuttyDOWNLOAD PDF
MONSTER SCIENCEComponentsDownload Safety Information
Alien Glow EyesGlow Spheres, Growth Powder (Water Gel)DOWNLOAD PDF
Growing Alien
Growing Alien, Growing Powder (Water Gel)DOWNLOAD PDF
Mucus BowlMucus Powder, Mucus Chunks, DOWNLOAD PDF
Growing BrainGrowing Brain, Blood Pill (True Color Tablet)DOWNLOAD PDF
Monster EyeballMonster Eyeball, Growth Powder (Water Gel)DOWNLOAD PDF
BE AMAZING! SCIENCE KITSComponentsDownload Safety Information
Magnetic MarblesMagnetic PuttyDOWNLOAD PDF
SCIENCE SURPRISESComponentsDownload Safety Information
Now Yo See It ™FrogN/A
Garbled Marbles Blister CardGarbled MarblesDOWNLOAD PDF
Growing Dino Blister CardWater Gel™DOWNLOAD PDF
Rainbow Tube Blister CardGravity Goo Powder, Clear Spheres, True Colors TabletsDOWNLOAD PDF
Amazing Spheres Blister CardJumbo Garbled Marbles, Clear SpheresDOWNLOAD PDF
Ice Fishing Blister CardFake Ice, Growing FishDOWNLOAD PDF
Be Amazing Snow®
Be Amazing Snow®ComponentsDownload Safety Information
Grow Snow Blister Card, Be Amazing Snow® 10-gr. Test Tube,
Be Amazing Snow® 40-gr. Pouch, Be Amazing Snow® 100gr. Jar,
Be Amazing Snow® 1lb Big Bag, Decorative Be Amazing Snow® Blister Card,
Be Amazing Snow® 100gr. Jar, Be Amazing Snow®. Box
Be Amazing Snow®DOWNLOAD PDF
BOXED SCIENCEComponentsDownload Safety Information
Energy BeadsEnergy BeadsN/A
Super Absorbent Crystals ™ Jelly CrystalsDOWNLOAD PDF
Water Gel™ Water Gel™ DOWNLOAD PDF
CLASSROOM KITSComponentsDownload Safety Information
Grow Snow Classroom KitBe Amazing Snow® DOWNLOAD PDF
Slime Classroom KitSlime Activator, Slime Goo.DOWNLOAD PDF
Water Gel™ Water Gel™ DOWNLOAD PDF
Classroom Kit
Worm Activator, Worm GooDOWNLOAD PDF
Power of Polymers Classroom KitGarbled Marbles, Clear Spheres, Jelly Ice Crystals,
Jumbo Jelly Spheres/Colossal Water Balls, Water Gel,
Super Absorbent Crystals, True Color Tablets.